Go boat – Paddington

Hi guys! So you may have previously read our blog post from last year about our experience of hiring a go boat in Kingston! Since then we have been on the Paddington go boats twice, including for my birthday yesterday, so thought it was time to give you our review! I’ve also had lots of questions coming through on Instagram so I will try and answer them all below!

Go Boat Paddington – 2019

On both occasions we have had a two hour rental gifted to us. (This blog post has not been requested – we just love it and want to explain our recommendation!) You can hire for between 1hr-3hrs, but I personally don’t think 1 hour would be enough. 2 hours really is ideal. You start from Paddington and get to drive your very own eco picnic boat with no licence necessary! You are given a really thorough explanation before you get started, including operating the boat, safety instructions and the route in which you take. You are also given a map, contact details in case you have any issues and life jackets.

Mila loving being on board!

The boats are deep cleaned between each use and only individuals from the same household are permitted on the boat, so complying with all social distancing measures. The boat holds up to 8 people and has a really good sized picnic table. Do not forget your picnic and some alcoholic beverages if you fancy (drinking policy listed on their website.) We even had my birthday cake on board and it was so special with the most gorgeous scenery!

Celebrating my 26th birthday

Some of our favourite things about the Paddington route are going through Little Venice, going through the long black tunnel (which is dark – but very fun) passing London Zoo and getting an amazing close up view of the wild dogs, and finally reaching the lively Camden Lock! We listen to music (playing from our phone, speakers not allowed) but it’s still loud enough to have our own little party!!

Back in 2019!

I find that the Paddington route requires more concentration than the Kingston route. It is busier and as it’s a canal, it’s obviously not as wide as the Thames which you travel on in Kingston. So it’s all up to what you are looking for most. A relaxing ride… (with the main sightseeing point of Hampton court palace) then Kingston is your best bet.. Or if you want a lively ride with lots to see (but the captain needs to be more on the ball) then Paddington is for you!! It’s a really hard for me to choose which we prefer because we love both locations for different reasons, but I would probably say Kingston just as we prefer to take it easy and eat and drink lol!

Our little picnic!
The two captains!


On both occasions at Paddington we have parked at the super convenient London Hilton Metropole hotel, just a three minute walk away. We book through Just Park, and enter the postcode “W2 1AS” which is the Go boat location. This hotel is the closest parking and we paid £10 on both occasions as I always book for longer just in case.

The customer service is fab, you can buy a captains hat from the kiosk, it is so much fun and the best picnic you will have in London! The Go Boat has become a yearly favourite for us and we already have lots of special and funny memories 😂 We hope you have just as much fun as we do. Don’t forget to tag us if you take a trip – we’d love to know how you find it!

Light at the end of the tunnel!

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