Paradise Wildlife Park – Jai’s 5th Birthday)

Hi guys! So it’s been a little while Since I’ve posted on the blog. But we are back with this post that is all about Jai’s fifth birthday day out to Paradise wildlife Park.

Every year on Jai’s birthday, as well as having a party, we like to go on a family day out. This year we decided on Paradise wildlife Park as not only does it have lots of animals which he loves, there are lots of other activities for the kids and most importantly the dinosaurs which Jai is still obsessed with and has been for as long as I can remember.

So the drive was good and only took us just under an hour, and there is plenty of free parking which is great.

We started off our day at the birds of paradise section which was really quiet as it was in the other side of the park to where people usually enter. We looked around all the different types of owls and Jai asked lots of questions about them which I was able to answer due to the information outside of each cage (I would’ve had no clue otherwise but Jai thinks I’m super intelligent)

We then came across one of the many play areas. To be honest, on all of our days out I’ve never seen any attractions with so many different play areas. The first one that we went to is right next to the birds of paradise section, had slides and swings and all of the other things you’d expect of a kids playground, but also had a cute gypsy caravan and fire truck which the kids could actually go inside, play in and even slide out of.

We then came across the crazy golf which looked really good but as I was alone with the kids and pushchairs we’re not allowed inside the golf course we were unable to do it this time. But if you have older children or babies In a sling for example, then you should definitely do it as it looked really good and it was a themed course. At this point there was also Disney music playing in the background and I just felt so happy. It was Aladins a whole new world, isn’t it weird how a song can just make you feel happy.

We then went to another play area and Jai loved the slide, which he went down about 10 times before I convinced him that we should go and get ice cream. So off we went and we got an ice cream from the little shop next to the play area. Also next to that was a little tent where you can buy your animal feed from. We bought one bag for 1 pounds and off we went into the animal area to feed some animals.

I was so impressed with the variety of different animals that you can find at Paradise wildlife Park. Not only are there lots of farm animals which you can feed, there is also a really Impressive range of zoo animals, from Lions and Tigers to Zebras and monkeys. We spent well over an hour looking at them all, and could have easily spent longer but lunch was calling.

Off we went to the Safari diner, which caters for all of the family. Mila had a fish finger kids meal and demolished the lot, Jai had the lunchbox option and I went for a yummy veggie burger meal. Plenty of seating and the air con was lovely on a very hot day!

After we finished lunch, we were just in time to watch one of the kids shows which is right outside of the Safari diner. Jai got really stuck in to the dancing and had lots of fun! He then said he wanted to go in the playground near by. This was Jai’s favourite okay area out of them all. The pirates cove is seriously impressive, and there are so many areas inside and behind the pirate ship that this picture below does not capture. I was also really lucky to snap this picture as the play area was packed, but all the kids had run to the back of the ship at this exact moment 😆

After a good thirty minute play in the pirate ship, and the other two play areas directl6 adjacent to the ship, it was time for the world of dinosaurs! As this was one of the main things which attracted us to PWP, we were very excited about this bit, and Jai had asked to see the dinosaurs from the minute we entered the gates!

We have been to A LOT of dinosaur attractions – but I have to say this was the best! From the Dino daycare (which featured lots of cute baby dinosaurs!) And the ENORMITY of some of the dinosaurs, to the realistic sounds and various photo opportunities, we absolutely loved it. There’s a little dinosaur themed gift shop at he end of the trail as well which I couldn’t get Jai out of!

As we were walking through the trail, we noticed the ‘the Rex express’ which looked really fun. It’s a train that ventures through the world of dinosaurs and also past the wolves. Mila enjoyed looking around and Jai of course loved talking about all the dinosaurs he could see. Mila refused to sit on my lap, and wanted to sit next to big brother.

We ended the day at the paradise lagoon splash pool, which is the perfect ending to a summer day out! It’s a paddling pool with a slide, and plenty of seating to sit and watch. There is also a handy little beach hut which sells swimming nappies, towels, sun cream etc (any essentials you may have forgotten.) I did actually forget a towel so I purchased a hooded one for £8 which is not too bad, considering we now use it every week for swimming!

There are others things to do that we didn’t get round to doing. Such as the national speedway museum, indoor soft play and the safari adventure golf.

Overall we had an amazing day and Jai thoroughly enjoyed his birthday at PWP. We will definitely be back and we are actually looking forward to attending the Halloween events there. Find below some of the upcoming events at PWP:

Our tickets were kindly gifted, but all opinions are our own.

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