Lee Valley Park Farms

Hi everyone! So yesterday we visited Lee Valley park farms which we were kindly gifted tickets to. We had never been there, or any of the other Lee Valley facilities. I had heard of them before and I always see the signs when I’m driving on the motorway so I was intrigued!


There are so many different options for a fab day out at Lee Valley regional park such as horse riding or water sports at the white water centre! We opted for the farm and the summer bounce, which is an incredible land based inflatable zone! (We are heading there next week so look out for the review for that one!)

So, back to the farm. It took us 40 minutes from west London and was a nice drive as we left at 10am, missing rush hour. There is plenty of free parking on site and the cutest little milk hut outside the farm where you can buy fresh milk from the cows there!


We headed inside, showed our pre-booked tickets and off we went. We were provided with the timings of all of the different shows, along with a map of the farm. We first went to feed the animals which Jai loves! The feed costs £1.75 a bag and is plenty for your visit. Jai is always nervous at first feeding the bigger animals, but within minutes he is eager to feed all of the animals and just loves it! There are a wide variety of animals and they all appeared well cared for. Next, Jai got to feed some donkeys their apples, and then groom them! This is something he’s never done before so was a fun new experience!

Then Jai saw the first of the play areas and he was adamant he wanted to go in there. Its called the Dino dig and splash and Its filled with sand and water, so I suggested we come back at the end of the day but he wasn’t having any of it. Luckily I bring spare clothes for him wherever we go so he can do messy play like this, so off he went. He spent about half an hour pumping water down a bridge, playing in the sand and looking for fossils! (there’s a fun little dinosaur section where there are large fossils under the sand for the kids to look for which was fun!) We then got cleaned up and walked around the other animal section, which will lead you to the next play area.

We took a leisurely stroll around the animals, again feeding them, stopping and taking photos, and talking about the animals. It took us about 15 minutes to reach the next play area and I really enjoyed that time with the kids. No one else walked that route (they all took the shortcut to the play area which is directly across) which made the route quiet and relaxing, and felt just like taking a stroll through the countryside.

We then made it to the next play area which is called Hilltop adventure, named after its picturesque views! There are plenty of hand washing facilities around by the way so he was able to wash his hands immediately before we walked into the play area. There’s a little ones area with ride on cars, play houses and large play bricks. I would say that area is ideal for ages 1-3 years but even at nearly 5 years old Jai still very much enjoys these areas, and played in there for a good 15 minutes before I dragged him away for lunch.

There are plenty of picnic tables around this play area so we sat down and enjoyed our packed lunch in the sun. Jai then ran off onto the large bouncy area and had a great time on there! The kids were all loving it! We then spotted to the right of us the Alpine adventure! It looked so fun and Jai hadn’t done anything like that before! It’s basically like a Toboggan run where you sit in a donut and get pushed down a hill! As it was just me and the kids, I couldn’t go down with Jai as I was watching Mila. You can chose to go down with your child or they can go alone. I didn’t think Jai would do it but I spurred him on (it didn’t take much to be honest) because I knew he would have fun!

I was so surprised when he hopped on and down he went! It was such a fun and different experience for him and he enjoyed it! He did say that next time mummy or daddy HAVE to go on it with him! I wish I could have gone on it, it looked so fun!!

Then we went and looked at more animals which included reindeers and llamas! The reindeers really excited Jai, and off he went singing Jingle bells and talking about Christmas!

It was then time for a well deserved coffee and ice cream (you can guess who wanted what!) and there was the perfect place for it. Another play area, this time a farm yard themed one, where there’s a little shop serving coffees, ice cream, snacks and more and plenty of benches where I could sit and watch Jai play. We stayed here for a good 45 minutes, enjoying the sunshine and having fun.

Before we knew it we had to get going as we had a booking for after. As we exited the playground, we saw the meerkats. There’s a lovely little viewing tower which looks over their enclosure and gives you gorgeous view a of the farm. Then as we went to leave, I noticed a lovely indoor soft play area but I hurried Jai along because if he would have seen it we definitely would have been late for our next booking.

The weather was great so we didn’t need the indoor area, but it’s definitely one to keep in mind for if the weather changes, you can still very much enjoy your time whilst you wait for the sun to come back out!

On our way out we went to the gift shop and Jai chose his toy. On every day out he gets to pick a  little something as a souvenir for the trip. He picked a small soft lamb, which was reasonably priced at £3.

Overall we had a fab day. The weather was great, we spent our whole time outdoors, it was relaxing, busy but not over crowded or loud and we got to see and do lots of different things. We didn’t get around to watching any shows, going on the tractor ride (which looks great) or going inside the indoor play area, but they will be ones for next time!

Below are the ticket prices which are so reasonable for a farm with so many things to do:

You can find out any other further info by clicking here, as well as booking your tickets.

You can choose from hundreds of great days out and things to do across Lee Valley Regional Park. Whether it’s bird watching at one of the many nature reserves, following in the tyre tracks of Olympic greats at Lee Valley VeloPark, jumping on horseback at Lee Valley Riding Centre or simply exploring the countryside with a guided walk. Find out more at www.visitleevalley.org.uk/myleevalley

* Our tickets were gifted but all opinions are our own*

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