Working Mama –

Ahhh these last 9 months really have been bliss! Other than being a bit broke, I really do love maternity leave life! I’m sure with Jai I was more eager to return to work. Maybe it’s because he was such hard work and I appreciated the sleep on the commute to and from work, along with some hot coffee throughout the day! But this time is different. I’m very much enjoying spending my days with Jai and Mila! We have so much fun and I’m not totally exhausted as MiMi is a very good baby girl!

My return to work was meant to be in July as I was only going to take 6 months mat leave. I’ve now extended that to October, and you never know, I may even take the whole year and extend until December, but we shall see.

I’ve been and viewed three nurseries so far for Mila and have hated all of them which is not a good start! I then remembered about which I actually used with Jai, four years ago! I’m able to find so many different childcare options in our area, not only for Mila, but also for Jai. He’s starting reception in September and we will require after school care but we are currently on a waiting list for his schools after school club. So I’m able to find alternative childcare options for him too!

I do love how easy the app is to use. Pop in what your looking for, your postcode and how many miles you’d like the location within, and voilà – numerous options are now at your fingertips.

I love that you can look at the childminders profile, where they are able to write a bio about themselves and upload their picture. You can also see their qualifications and previous experience, along with their availability and fees.

You can also filter your results for what you require such as Ofsted registered, has a car, or accepts 2 year funding etc.

I will now be using to find what’s right for us! If you are in the same boat and need childcare, whether it’s full time or for a one off date night, I would definitely recommend this app for all of your childcare needs!

This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own of my experiences with

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