Learning English with Lingokids

This is our review of English learning app, Lingokids which is designed for children ages 2-8 years. ~Ad~D86ADA3C-74C8-4255-9523-D45C83F7C425.jpegOver 10 million families are registered to this app worldwide and it’s the leading English language learning app.

Jai has been using it for over a week now, and we were immediately impressed. There are so many different activities (hundreds!) which keep him entertained for ages! The daily recommended time to use the app is 20 minutes which is perfect for Jai. It’s a much more beneficial way to spend screen time.

I love the selection of activities that are available, from songs and videos, to audiobooks and immersive games – there is so much choice. It’s great because all kids learn in different ways and have different learning styles. Jai loves the games and the songs.

There are no ads, and Lingokids is certified as kidSAFE which is so important. Oxford University Press has also collaborated with them on their content which is great.

This app is really helping Jai to prepare for school, which he is starting in September. He has no interest in picking up a pen and writing at the moment, yet he is having fun with the writing games on this app! This is fine for me – he’s getting practice in, and all of the bits he is learning about letters and writing them, he will be taking in and he can put into practice when he starts school.


My favourite part is the weekly monitoring, which allows you to check on your child’s learning progress! This is such a good idea and a really easy way to identify what you can be supporting your child with.

Lingokids also works offline so it’s perfect for out and about or on long journeys. We used it yesterday whilst in the car. Jai was about to have a danger nap but we quickly avoided it with a 5 minute play on the app!

The app works on a monthly subscription but you can get a one month FREE trial below: 


Let us know if you download it and what your thoughts are! 

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