Roar for Dinosaur world live!

This blog post is our review of Dinosaur world live which is currently showing at the Troubadour theatre in Wembley until 1st September.

Dinosaur world live 2019

Jai has been Dino mad since a very young age – and his interest is Dinosaurs is still going strong. For that reason, we were very excited to have been invited to the press performance of the show.

The theatre has only just opened so it is very modern and has a gorgeous design. Upon entering the theatre, there is a huge dinosaur egg that you can pose with for your perfect photo op.

Photo op!

The show itself lasts approx 50 minutes which I think is perfect for young children. They recommend that the show is for 3+ years, although I brought along Mila which was fine. I wouldn’t bring a baby along if I thought they would cry as I would just have to stand outside the whole time to avoid disturbing anyone else. But I know that Mila will sit happily, have her milk or sleep – she only cries when hungry so as long as we had milk on hand we were fine! She watched the first half and fell asleep for the second half.

Ready for Mila’s first theatre trip

The length of the show was great for Jai also, as although he is 4, his attention span is still not great – even when watching something he’s very interested in! He was mesmerised by the show – and at times even jumped out of his seat with fear (good fear) because the puppets are so realistic!

We loved how interactive the show was. At various parts, children were picked to go up on the stage which is a lovely experience for them! They got the opportunity to see the dinosaurs up close whilst helping out with the plot of the show!

But don’t worry if your child is not chosen, just like Jai wasn’t. There’s is an opportunity for a photo op with a dinosaur at the end! Jai loved this! It took me ages to get him looking at the camera because he couldn’t take his eyes off of the dinosaur!

Dino meet & greet (look at Mila’s face!) 😂

Dino world live is showing at the Troubadour theatre, Wembley, until 1st September. Tickets are available as part of kids week, where children go free with a full paying adults! Tickets available at

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