Go bananas for Jungle Monkeyz Adventure!

We were kindly gifted some tickets for Jungle Monkeyz Adventure in exchange for an honest review of our experience – so here it is! I took Jai, my sister and my 10 year old niece – Marli.

Ready for an adventure!

The experience is set in the Mayan jungle and lost temples, where the mission is to find the lost gems to return to Alex the monkey and his dad. The story and aim keeps the kids motivated and encouraged, and is not too young or too old. All kiddies can have fun with it!

We found all of the Gems!

It is set within the building of a soft play in pinner that we have already attended on multiple occasions and Jai loves! I actually remember going there when Mila was about 4 weeks old and I was still so uncomfortable with breastfeeding, but all of the staff were so lovely to me and I felt so at ease that I whipped the boob at with no problems at all 😂

So this new Adventure experience has only been open for a matter of weeks, so I didn’t really know what to expect, other than some jungle themed activities.

What’s that over there?!

Upon arrival we were greeted by the lovely Carmen who showed us to the waiting area and provided the kids with some books and pencils which were to be used throughout the experience.

In the waiting area…

After a short few minutes, we were taken to the entrance where Carmen bid us farewell and out of nowhere our charasmatic jungle guide appeared! Each group has their own guide for the entirety of the experience and they are all trained actors so know exactly how to make the experience fun and realistic for the kiddies – and adults!

Rainbow, our fantastic jungle guide!

“Rainbow” was fantastic! Jai was hesitant for the first few minutes as he was fresh from just having a tantrum, but Rainbow cheered him up so quickly and before we knew it he was having the time of his life! 

From the outside of the building you would never have guessed what wonders await you behind the doors.. we were all so truly impressed. It must have taken loads of time and money to perfect the jungle in the way they have.

Around every corner there was a surprise and something that shocked us. The tour guides are fab at getting the whole family involved in every aspect of the experience. It is also so educational, and it is done in a way that the kids don’t even realise they are being taught.. they just think it’s all fun!

I’m sure we just saw the naughty Caiman!

There is a gorgeous seating area about 70% of the way through the journey.. where you can have a drink and the kids can have a chat with a talking tree!! This area is absolutely perfect for birthday parties! 

We loved the technology that they have incorporated. I don’t want to talk about it too much as I feel like it was so great as it was all new to us and such a surprise. But I have to mention the sand which I can only describe as magic! Jai already loves sand as it is, and it is a great sensory activity for all ages, but have you ever played with sand which actually changed into volcanoes when you built it up, and rivers when you flattened it down? I think not!!!!

Incredible technology!

The experience is aimed at children aged 3-12 years, although it is fine to bring younger children along with their older siblings (I could have taken Mila along but wanted some quality time with Jai) 

We really couldn’t rate Jungle Monkeyz Adventure any higher and I recommend it to everyone with kids who are the ages as explained above. It is so different, so personalised and your kids will feel very special with all of the attention on them from their tour guide, that you just wouldn’t get from a large attraction.

You’ve also got the soft play in the same building where parents can grab a coffee whilst letting the little ones get rid of the last remaining bits of energy before home time. The two combined make it a full day out! 

I would like to thank the whole team for having us along, because it was such a special day for Jai and Marli – and it is so rare to find something that a 4 year old enjoys as much as a 10 year old. But they truly did, and two weeks later they still talk about it.

Someone’s excited!

A family ticket for two adults and two children costs £49. Children under 1 are free.


We were gifted tickets but all opinions are my own and we truly loved our day.

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