Moooochas gracias Odds Farm park!

Hi guys! Yesterday we have spent the day at Odds Farm Park! I’m sure you’ll already be aware of this as I’ve been storying about it all day and have even posted an IGTV video about our day (have a watch if you haven’t already!)

This blog post has a bit of extra information and recommendations so it’s definitely worth a read if you are planning a visit. I will [try] to keep it short and sweet because as I’ve said above there’s already lots of info on my page!

We drove from our home in west London and it took exactly 25 minutes from door to door. It’s straight down the M40 and when you come off it’s literally a straight road for 10 mins and you’re there! There is plenty of on site free parking available.

When you enter and either show your ticket or purchase one, you come through to a lovely little area where you walk through and have questions on the wall regarding to bees and wildlife. It was a really cute interactive area that both the kids and adults enjoyed, and had lots of little backgrounds, perfect photo opportunities!

Then there is an entrance where you can go through to the soft play or outside onto the farm and other activities. We headed for the farm as we were off to see the bunny display. There are lots of demonstrations on throughout the day and there are clear timings displayed on information boards and a leaflet you are provided with upon entrance.

We were a little early for the display so popped into the crafts tent. It was gorgeous inside! We have seen many crafts areas at various attractions but the quality of the one at Odds Farm is second to none. All of the equipment looks so new and clean. There were different activities put out on each table but as we were going off to see the bunnies we only had time to do one. We looked at life cycles of different insects and used microscopes to look at different bugs! This activity lasted about 10 minutes and was enjoyed by all of us and of course very educational! We then headed off to see the bunnies and planned to come back but we were so busy all day out in the sunshine that we forgot to! So we look forward to it next time!

We then went to see the bunnies out of their huts which was cute! We got to give them a stroke and watch them hop around. In the same area are all the goats and sheep, and for £1 you can purchase a bag of food to feed them. The kids absolutely loved doing this and although they were nervous at first, they saw that all the animals were capable of was a little lick on the hand, they couldn’t wait to feed them all one by one!

Some of the outdoor activities include crazy golf, mini Land Rovers, welly wanging, multiple outdoor play areas, Pedal Go karts, tractor and trailer rides and of course lots of farm animals to see!

However, the kids favourite area was the unique splash zone, known as H20dds! There was so much to do in there that kids could easily be entertained for a few hours in nice weather! There were lots of plastic toys around such as little boats and watering cans. These are the type of things Jai would pick up in a water park and think that he can play with- but they would turn out to be another child’s and all hell would break loose! But Odds Farm has it covered with plenty toys for all to play with! Remember the kids swimming costumes and towels!

The indoor play areas are also amazing! There is a dedicated under 1s area and under 5s area, as well as a massive adventure play area! Some of those slides are definitely only for thrill seekers and I was clearly too scared to go on them!!

Everywhere in Odds Farm is so clean! The facilities are all really modern and everything is so well looked after. The baby change facilities are fab, and there are so many staff members around if you ever need any help with anything! For example, there were dedicated staff in the water play area and at the top of the slides.

I also loved that even though it was a sunny bank holiday weekend, and it was clearly very busy, it didn’t feel busy if that makes sense? For example, as we pulled up in the car park it looked packed and I dreaded how busy it was going to be inside, but at the entrance there were no queues, and we didn’t actually really queue for anything for the whole day! I think this is mostly because the farm is so big, and there are so many things to do that even when it is busy, everyone is spread out and you don’t notice it!

I honestly couldn’t fault our trip, I just wish we had visited sooner. I’m buying us annual passes so we can revisit as many times as we want, as it has everything for every weather, so we can’t go wrong!

Although our tickets were gifted, everything in this blog is my own opinion – reflected in our purchase of annual passes!

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