Mila’s routine – 5 months Old

Hey everyone! So this was the most voted for blog post in our poll last week! I will write about Mila’s current routine which will change in the coming weeks as we introduce BLW into the mix!

6.15am – wake up time!

So this time varies between 6am-6.45am. She may even wake up sometime before this and I just don’t realise because she just lays happily in her cot. She does eventually start to have a little chat to herself and that’s when I go over to her. As I approach her cot she gives me the biggest smile ever, and it makes up for any early start and puts me in the best mood for the day!

6.20am – Milk prep and nappy change

I make a fresh bottle of milk and put it in cold water to cool down. Whilst it’s cooling I change Mila’s nappy. We absolutely love Asda’s little angels and Tesco’s Fred and flo nappies. It is so true that every baby is different, even with what nappies work best for them. With Jai we only used Pampers from when he was born to when he was out of nappies at 2 years old. We did try other brands but they all leaked or made him sore. However, with Mila the cheaper versions have worked excellently and every morning there is never any kind of leak onto her clothing etc and we are really happy with them!

We then sit in the front room, and I watch TV whilst I feed her. She is done within 10 minutes and then we sit and have a little chat and cuddle.

7.00am – Back to bed

We then go and get into Mamas big bed! If Jai has slept in my bed the night before than he will still be fast asleep. If he was in his bed then by now he would have called for me and I would put him into my bed for him to sleep for an extra hour or so in the morning. So we are all in my bed and we have family cuddles! Mila will usually try her best to wake up Jai by pulling his hair or hitting him in the face haha and then gives up and falls asleep in my bed. She will only sleep up to 30 minutes generally and then she’s awake again.

8.00am – Out and about

If Jai is at nursery (Wednesday – Friday) then we will now be getting ready and out of the house by 8.20) Jai’s nursery is paid for from 7.30am but on maternity leave who is really leaving the house at those sort of times!

If Jai’s at home (Monday – Tuesday) then we will all come into the front room. Mila will sit with Jai on the sofa or on her chair, I will make Jai’s breakfast and sterilise bottles for the day ahead. Mila will watch about 10 minutes of TV with Jai and have a bite on her teether. I then change her nappy in time for her next feed.

09.30am – Milk!

So literally without fail she requests this bottle at pretty much exactly the same time every single morning! She has her milk and I sit her with me for 10 minutes after and by then she is yawning for her nap.

10.00am – Nap!

This is her longest nap of the morning and she sleeps for a good hour at least.

10.30 – Play!

During this awake time we usually have tummy time, cuddles, playing on the floor, watching a little bit of telly or we go out. Her next feed is due around 1pm and she gets tired again before then so will have a shorter nap.

11.30– Nap again!

It can be difficult putting her down for this nap. This is normally where she is the whingiest. If we are out then she will fall asleep really easily but if we are at home and I put her down in the cot she will moan or cry for a few minutes before falling asleep. I go to her every one minute or so and put her dummy back in her mouth, kiss her and tell her I love her and then walk out. I repeat this for about three minutes. If she is still crying I will pick her up and calm her down but generally she is always asleep within the three minutes, or I can tell she is about to fall asleep so will walk out again.

12.30pm– Nearly lunch!

So as soon as he wakes up I get her bottle ready. She then has her bottle and a nappy change.

13.15pm – Plaaaaay

So her tummy is full and she is feeling fresh. If we aren’t out at this time then again we will be playing. We will practice her sitting up, listen to music, read a book and she will lay on her activity mat.

14.30pm – Naaaaap

Back down she goes for around an hour long nap. This nap she normally goes off really happily and falls asleep straight away.

15.30pm – If we haven’t already been out yet in the day we would usually go out around this time, either to pop to the shops or go to a coffee shop etc.

We then go and pick Jai up around 1700 (if he’s been at nursery. This routine would vary quite a lot if Jai was at home as we would most likely have gone to their nannies house or soft play etc)

If it’s nice weather we tend to pick him up at about 1700 so we can go to the park for a bit, or if it’s not good weather we pick him up closer to 1800.

18.00pm- Splish splash

This is the difficult time where she is clearly very tired and wanting her bed but I don’t want to put her down this early. I make a nice warm bottle and leave it in the front room as she screams for it as soon as she gets out of the bath.

I run a bath and I pop her in at about 18.15. Sometimes she goes in alone and sometimes she’s in with Jai, it all depends. She absolutely loves bath time! She could be screaming but if you place her in the bath she is immediately calm and smiling! I keep her in for about 15 minutes and we have lots of fun with the bubbles and splashing. I then wash her hair and body, and get her out, wrapping her into a warm towel and taking her into my room.

Her changing table is in her room and I use this throughout the day but I think it’s just nicer to dress her after her bath on my bed. It’s warmer and comfier. I keep the heating on in my room 10 mins prior to her getting out of the bath so it’s nice and warm when she’s out.

I dry her and moisturise her body with child’s farm lotion. I’ve used this since she was born and we’ve never had any issues. It keeps her skin really soft and best of all, it smells amazing! We’ve never tried any other creams on her because we are happy with this one.

I then put a little bit of coconut oil in her hair and brush it. I dress her in the night time baby grow and take her into the front room for her last feed.

18.45 – Bot Bot and bed

After she has her bottle, I keep her sitting up right for at least 15 mins to prevent her being sick. If I’m really busy running around after Jai or doing something, she will sit in her chair for 10 mins and watch Telly or play with her toys.

If by 19.00 she is crying to go to sleep then I put her into her cot and she will fall asleep straight away.

If she’s still quite awake and happy then I bring her into bed with us and we read our bedtime stories together for 10 minutes and then I put her into her cot.

She usually then will sleep through until 6ish but sometimes she may moan during the night for her dummy, and once it’s back in her mouth she is straight back to sleep!

So that is Mila’s day.

She has between 5-6 feeds. She loves her sleep! We all love our morning, family cuddles. She loves being out and about and watching everyone and everything.

It will be interesting to see the changes that come within the next month and how different the next blog of her routine will be after she is 6 months!

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